Water is asphalt’s worst enemy. When water freezes, the expansion of ice causes cracks to widen and pavement to buckle. Our system ensures a properly sealed water-tight crack. It prevents water from reaching the base, putting an end to costly repairs from potholes and subbase failure. It will add years to the life of your pavement and save you money down the road.


Our system ensures a properly sealed water-tight crack.
Routing: creates a sufficient reservoir for the crack sealant to bond properly.
Cleaning: uses compressed air to eliminate dust and debris that would inhibit bonding of the sealant.
Sealing: cracks are sealed with a Fed spec rubber joint sealant.


All materials meet ASTM-D-6690 standard (previously Federal specification ASTM-D-3405).
All crack sealer is heated in an indirect fired kettle designed specifically for crack sealing.


Asphalt Seal and Repair’s crack sealing materials meets or exceeds all federal specifications and stays flexible, even in cold temperatures. ASTM-D-6690 is the only crack sealant we use.


We purchase directly from the manufacturer, which keeps your project’s timeline on track and within your budget.

Newly sealcoated pavement is visually appealing and can potentially increase the value of your property.

Sealcoated pavement is resistant to gas and oil drippings, salt damage and harmful effects of chemicals.

It prevents oxidation and sun, weather damage and naturally melts snow and ice.

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